Cremation Service

Many people will ask “how much is cremation?”  Or will say “all I want is a simple cremation”.  Well here it is, a Simple Cremation package with just the essentials.  No more, no less, for one complete “all Inclusive” price.  We’re here to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Other providers may advertise a price that is a little less (with numerous add-ons in the fine print) or for what may seem like a similar service.  We know it can be confusing and the cost of cremations in Ontario can range in thousands of dollars. 

We would be happy to discuss the difference in the details. Call us at (519) 415-4687 

Professional & Staff Services

Facilities for Shelter

Transportation from place of death (Within 100km of In Memoriam, $2.00/km)

Transportation to Crematorium


Casket: IMFS Cremation Container


Cremation Fee (Southwest Crematorium)

Municipal Death Registration Fee (HST Exempt)

Coroner's Fee (HST Exempt)

Online Obituary on website

 Cost:  $1980.00   (Including Tax)

The Following Charges May Apply;

  • Removal of pacemaker or implant: $75.00
  • After Hours Removal:  $150.00
  • Two Person Removal: 125.00
  • IMFS-XL Cremation Container: (If weight exceeds 200lbs, a wooden casket tray will be required) $350.00
  • Identification: (Private time for immediate family to view deceased for 30 minutes) $100.00
  • Body Pouch: $60.00
  • ​BAO Fees $30.00
We are happy to answer any questions. Call today for further pricing.