Two Day Funeral with Casket

4 Hours Visitation (Day One) and Funeral & Burial the Following Day (2 hours) - 6 Hours Total

Professional & Staff Services

Professional Fee
Coordinating Activities, Rites and Ceremonies
Staff Services 
Staff Services for Assemble and Disassemble
Basic Preparation


Facilities for Shelter

Facilities for Visitation 
Facilities for Ceremony/Reception


Transportation of Loved One from place of death (Within 100km of In Memoriam)

Transportation to Cemetery/Crematorium with Funeral Coach
Lead/General Admin Vehicle


Casket: Batesville Lynx (Dark 262858 or Light 257923)

Memorial Package: 100 cards, DVD, Memorial Book Personalized

Disbursements:  (Charged at actual cost at time of death)

Municipal Death Registration Fee (HST Exempt)

Pricing available upon request

The Following May Apply;

  • Removal of pacemaker or implant: $75.00
  • Weekend & After Hours Removal: $150.00
  • Removals requiring 2 staff: $125.00
  • IMFS-XL Cremation Container: (If weight exceeds 200 lbs, a wooden casket tray will be required) $350.00
  • Identification: (Private time for immediate family to view deceased for 30 minutes) $200.00  (Additional charge of $100.00 for evenings and weekends.)

NOTE:  Quoted prices do not include disbursements cost, which are 3rd party fees and charges, such as, but not limited to; cremation fees, municipal death registration fees, coroner fees, flowers, cemetery fees, outside venue for service, catering, monuments, musicians, Clergy/Officiant.  Please check with your funeral director for the current pricing on disbursements.